Greetings from the Chairman & President of Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ)


Dear Friends,

Connections 2017 is fast approaching and a true international festival will be awaiting for you in Jerusalem. Not only will you be able to meet your counterparts from throughout the Reform world, it will also be a great opportunity to see and experience the many changes our Movement has undergone from the last conference in Israel. Judaism and the Land of Israel are inseparably intertwined, and we would love to see you here with us at the home of WUPJ and IMPJ in Jerusalem. Over the last few years we have been working together to further and strengthen our mutual relationship and we hope you will also enjoy the results in this visit of yours.

We greet you with the traditional Shalom, and wish you a most delightful and meaningful experience. An experience that you shall be able to take back home with you, share with others, and make the bonds between us and you ever more stronger, lasting and mutually beneficial.

Sincerely Yours,


Rabbi Gilad Kariv                             Reuven Marko

President & CEO                                Chairperson