• Peruse our Flickr photo gallery for pics of you, your congregation, rabbi, family and friends here at CONNECTIONS.
  • Read Rabbi Daniel H. Freelander’s Shabbat Morning President’s Sermon, “Shabbat Behar-Bechukotai”| May 21, 2017, Jerusalem
  • View ‘An Island of Peace,” by SodaStream, as presented by keynote speaker and SodaStream CEO, Daniel Birnbaum, at the conclusion of his inspiring talk on leadership, innovation, courage and creativity for individuals, societies like Israel, and movements like Reform Judaism.
  • Revisit the keynote address by Yosef Abramowitz, aka Captain Sunshine, and CEO of Arava Power Company, and learn more about his efforts toward sustainable ecological innovation in Israel’s desert.
  • Read more about DOMIM-aLike‘s holiday initiative, Diaspora Israel Day,  as a joint program of the Israeli Reform movement and the Israeli government, that celebrates the ongoing connections between Jewish communities worldwide, and the continues sense of peoplehood among them. The festival cherishes thousands of years of united and full Jewish life in different locations around the world and is observed with its own Haggadah which can be viewed in full and downloaded here.
  • Read more about Keren Bechavod, the IMPJ’s fund for Humanitarian Aid and Emergency Relief here.

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