Extend your trip to Israel with these pre- and post-CONNECTIONS special- interest tours and seminars.

Rabbinic DOMIM Kallah

May 16-17 | No Cost

“Bavel and Jerusalem – Mifgash and Study with International Leaders”

Deepen your connection to Reform Jewish leaders from around the world through food (for thought), study and conversation. Unpack challenging texts and engage in divisive issues, as we strengthen the bonds which link leaders and rabbis in Reform Jewish communities around the world. Speakers will include journalists, thought leaders, politicians, and public figures and advocates from a range of opinions and causes facing Israeli society.

To register for the Domim Kallah only, please email CONNECTIONS 2017


Tuesday, May 16

18:00 | Tefillah led by Rabbi Gabby Dagan & Rabbi Naama Dafni Kellen | Congregation Ohel Avraham (Haifa)

18:30 | Liturgical poetry performance and poem text study led by Rabbi Or and Feliza Zohar | Kehillat Maalot Tivon

20:00 | Dinner

20:45 | Bavel and Jerusalem | Talmudic Chevruta | Rabbi Prof. David Levine, Rabbi Lea Muhlstein and Rabbi Charley Baginsky.

Wednesday, May 17
9:00 | Contemporary issues in Israel-Diaspora relations | MK Michal Biran
9:30 | “Sane in its Own Dreams: Jerusalem 1967-2017″| A guided text study and tour that follows the path of the Jerusalem light rail | Elan Izrachi, PhD & Rabbi Nir Barkin
13:00 | Lunch on your own in Shuk Machne Yehudah

International Assembly

May 17 | Early afternoon

The International Assembly (IA) is the legislative body of the WUPJ which plays a critical role in determining policy of the organization, raising its profile, contributing to fundraising efforts, and facilitating the World Union’s relationship with its communities. The IA, as the “representative body” of the WUPJ, is specifically designed to be geographically representative. The IA meeting discusses resolutions and motions on various issues on the global agenda. It also serves as the forum in which the various WUPJ board committees report on their activities and the regions highlight their major issues and challenges. The annual IA report is presented at the meeting. 

While only elected delegates may take part in the elections process, the meeting itself is open to everyone. If you are a current IA member, please indicate as such on the registration form so we will be able to keep track in our preparation process for the meeting, as well as ensure you receive all the necessary information. If you would like to know how to become an IA member, please contact us and we will direct you accordingly.

WUPJ Saltz Leadership Institute Pursue Justice Seminar for Legal Professionals

May 13-17 | With CLE accreditation for participants from the United States  | For more information

The WUPJ in cooperation with the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), is proud to invite legal professionals to experience and understand Israel from its most provocative, challenging and complex perspective: the law.

Spend five days meeting with leading politicians, judges, legislators, professors, attorneys and activists, each presenting a different facet of the prism that comprises Israel’s national and international law. Tour Israel’s Supreme Court and meet with justices; visit the Knesset and debate legislation with ministers. Topics to be presented and debated through closed-door meetings, workshops and tours, may include:

  • “Introduction to the Israeli Legal System: Turkish, British and Jewish Law in Israeli Jurisprudence,” with Dr. Adam Hofri-Winogradow, Martin Flynn Global Law Professor, University of Connecticut School of Law,  Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • “Land, Ownership and Property Rights,” with Dr. Rachelle Alterman, Professor, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Founding President and Honorary Fellow, International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights
  • “Legal Issues and the ‘Occupation’,” with Yair Lootsteen, past Legal Advisor to the IDF in Judea and Samaria, Attorney, Deputy Chair of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ)
  • “Innovation, Intellectual Property and the Start-Up Nation,” with Dr. Dov Greenbaum, Director of the Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies, IDC Herzliya

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WUPJ Saltz Leadership Institute & IRAC Religion and State Issues Seminar

May 16-17 | For more information

The WUPJ in cooperation with the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), is proud to invite you to spend two days delving into the multifaceted and challenging work that we care so much about: keeping Israel pluralistic, democratic and egalitarian in its public and private legislation.

  • Join this backstage tour of contested public spaces – from the Kotel to the Knesset
  • Make your voice heard in closed-door meetings with public change-makers like Anat Hoffman, ­­­
  • Hear first-hand how religion and state manifest themselves in Israeli budgets and legislation
  • Debate matters of “Gender Segregation in the Public Sphere” with the Knesset members fighting for (and against) equality and inclusion

Don’t miss your chance to experience the ins and outs of fighting for social justice in Israel. Join IRAC movers and shakers on-site, in meetings and behind the scenes. It’s the legal insider’s perspective you’ve been hoping to experience – and we’re opening the doors to you.


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TaMaR & Young Adult International Conference & Leadership Seminar

May 15 – 17 | Cost: $100 * Registration TaMar includes attendance at CONNECTIONS 2017 | For more information, email: Orit Shoshani or visit Tamar Olami on Facebook

TaMaR (Tnuat Magshimim Reformit) is the World Union’s international movement of Progressive Jewish Young Adults. In order to strengthen the TaMaR communities around the world, the TaMaR Veida Olamit – International Conference, is held annually in Jerusalem for delegates from each country. Coinciding with CONNECTIONS 2017, TaMaR Veida will weave networking and training sessions with WUPJ members and leaders alongside specialized activities, workshops and site visits. 

TaMaR leaders are young community activists in the following fields:

  1. Am V’Medinat Israel – The People and Land of Israel: the belief that Israel is central to a Jewish identity, whether living in Israel or the Diaspora.
  2. Kehilat Yahadut Mitkademet – Progressive Jewish Community: Communities based on the central principles of Progressive Judaism
  3. Chinuch – Education: Educational opportunities and leadership training
  4. Tikkun Olam – Repairing the World: sharing in the Reform Movement’s dedication to repairing the world.

This year, TaMar representatives will also celebrate 20 years of operations and achievements for TaMaR Olami and have a chance to say goodbye to long-time Director of Netzer Olami and TaMar Olami, Maoz Haviv.

Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) Israel Tour

May 21-29 | For more information

Stay in Israel just a little bit longer – with the Women of Reform Judaism Israel Tour. Spend another week touring the beautiful country, meeting with and listening to the women who contribute to and support its advancement.