Wednesday, May 17 | Evening

CONNECTIONS opens with a ceremony that symbolizes the global reach of our Jewish family, the frame that connects us. Hear from leaders of our movement, politicians, and enjoy musical entertainment. Spend time catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones. We will be sharing in the coming weeks the location of this unique event.


This year, CONNECTIONS will celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat in the heart of Jerusalem – at the First Station, Jerusalem’s new tourist cultural pedestrian center. Join us for prayers to usher in Shabbat as the sun sets over Jerusalem. Then depart to meet with Progressive Jews in home hospitality arrangements. Details coming soon.


Shabbat morning at CONNECTIONS is a moving, spiritual, multilingual experience shared with hundreds of members of Klal Yisrael coming together to pray, read and sing in their local or regional language and culture. Share the rich traditions that have been practiced for centuries by the Jewish people, right in the heart of Israel, and be inspired to return home with renewed purpose and commitment for the future.


At our Beit Midrash, or house of learning in Hebrew, CONNECTIONS 2017 invites rabbis, thought leaders and teachers from the Reform, Progressive and Liberal Jewish world to run text-based study sessions on topics presented in our daily programs. 

We encourage learning something new or sharing your knowledge with delegates from our global movement.


“Ten measures of beauty descended to this world, nine were taken by Jerusalem.” – Talmud, Kiddushin 49b
Fall in love with Jerusalem all over again with a CONNECTIONS walking tour. Whether you have been to the Old City before or this is your first foray into the ancient alleyways, this Shabbat afternoon offers you a chance for a different experience.


Our closing ceremony marks the end of CONNECTIONS 2017 and will be a tribute to the passion, enthusiasm and hard work of all those who made CONNECTIONS possible. Our closing gala event will celebrate the themes and accomplishments of the previous days and set forth the World Union’s goals and aspirations that will take us to the 39th international convention in 2019. An inspiring keynote speaker and exciting performances, all preceded by a gala reception, allow participants to deepen the connections made before saying goodbye or l’hitraot, until the next time we all meet.