CONNECTIONS 2017 delegates are welcome to make their own travel arrangements to and from the conference and hotel in Jerusalem, as detailed below, or to use the services of Ayelet Tours, LTD in arranging for transportation for additional costs, also detailed below. If you would like to purchase transfer services through Ayelet Tours, LTD. please make sure to indicate as such on your registration form.


The following transfer options from and to Ben Gurion airport are offered by Ayelet Tours Ltd.


1-3 people arriving together: $115
4-7 people arriving together: $170
1-3 people arriving together WITH AIRPORT ASSISTANCE: $160
4-7 people arriving together WITH AIRPORT ASSISTANCE: $210

*Airport assistance on arrival means in addition to your transfer, an Ayelet representative will meet you inside the airport baggage area, assist you through customs and walk you to your waiting hotel transfer.


DEPARTURE TRANSFERS (From Hotel to Ben Gurion Airport, arriving three hours prior to departure)

1-3 people departing together: $129

4-7 people departing together: $159

1-3 people departing together WITH AIRPORT ASSISTANCE: $170

4-7 people departing together WITH AIRPORT ASSISTANCE: $210

* Airport assistance on departure means in addition to your airport transfer, an Ayelet representative will accompany you through to baggage security questioning and assist at the counter with tickets and check-in.


Other travel options to and from Ben Gurion Airport include:

Ben Gurion Airport is the country’s international hub, situated about a 45-minute drive west of Jerusalem and a 25-minute drive in the opposite direction to Tel Aviv.

Sheirut – A popular, reasonably priced way to get to Jerusalem from Ben-Gurion Airport is by these eight to ten passenger vans with a fixed per-person rate. The sheirut stand is to the left as one exits the arrivals area of the main airport building. Confirm that the destination of the van is Jerusalem and confirm the cost before stepping on to the minivan. When all the seats are claimed, the van will take off. For no additional charge, the driver must take you from the airport to the doorstep of the hotel or residential address of your choice anywhere in Jerusalem. If your hotel is in the Old City, a sheirut will generally take you near but not inside of the Jaffa or Damascus Gates.

Private Taxi – Operating from regulated taxi stands close to exits from the arrivals terminal, licensed, private taxis offer a fixed-price rate for traveling to Jerusalem; on Friday afternoons, Sabbath or Jewish holidays higher tariffs may apply. Additional costs may apply depending on the number of passengers and amount of luggage. Agree to the price before setting off in the taxi.

Rental Car – All major car rental companies operate from offices at Ben Gurion airport. Many offer GPS devices at an additional cost.

By Train – On weekdays trains depart from the airport to Tel Aviv Hagana station. There a train heading to Jerusalem’s Malha station, on the far western edge of the city, will take anywhere between one to two hours. From there, a public bus or taxi will bring you to your hotel.

By Bus – Direct, regular bus service runs from the airport to most major cities in Israel, including Jerusalem. Most buses arrive and depart from Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station, at the western entrance to the city, right on Jaffa Road. From there the light rail, a public bus or private taxi will bring you to your hotel.

Note: Public transportation is not available on Shabbat either to Jerusalem or within Jerusalem. Private taxis and sheirut minivans are the best options for traveling during the off hours.


Transportation service from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport

The company runs a regular transportation service at every round hour, as well as according to the departure schedule at the airport. Pick-ups are carried out according to pick-up zones in the city, and are subject to a reasonable waiting period of about 15 minutes. It is recommended to make a reservation 12-24 hours prior to the flight.

To make a reservation for a Nesher sheirut taxi you need to call them at 02-625-7227. You will need to tell them the time of your flight and provide them with a telephone number where you can be reached. They make sure to pick you up 4 hours before your scheduled flight so that you are at the airport 3 hours before departure.

Cost of the Nesher service is 62 shekels (about $20 USD) both to and from the airport. Payment can be made in Shekels or in US Dollars only.


We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance, including trip cancellation and luggage insurance. While the World Union does not endorse or recommend any particular plan, you may visit the Ayelet Tours Ltd. travel insurance page for some resources by clicking here.


The schedule for Connections 2017 is jam-packed, and will include activities both in our facilities and offsite in various locations. We will also have unique walking tours of the Old City available as part of the program. Beit Shmuel – Mercaz Shimshon, where most of the conference is taking place, is located in the city center within a minute’s walk of the Old City and a five-minute walk from the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall. If you would like to see more of Jerusalem, we recommend that you plan on adding a few days to your stay either before or after the conference. You will have some free time to explore Jerusalem on Thursday evening.


Below are a few websites that are easy to navigate and will give you some wonderful suggestions of what you can do during your visit. 

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      Jerusalem Municipality, English 


Jerusalem has many wonderful and well-established restaurants that cater to whatever craving you might have Thursday or Sunday!

Below are some good leads for best eats in town – בתאבון – Bon appetite – Enjoy!

First Train Station

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